Ethereum's main-net exploited⚠️

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Ethereum’s Main-net Exploited

The Ethereum Classic main-net was exploited due to the Geth (Go-Ethereum) vulnerability that attacked Ethereum last month. The Geth exploit resulted in a chain split in the Ethereum Classic main-net.

DAO Maker’s Vesting System was recently hacked

The vesting smart contract of DAO Maker was hacked by threat actors. The loophole lies in the distribution system of $SHO tokens where init is not in initialised protection. 

Vulnerability Write-ups:

Analysis of DAO Maker’s Vesting Contractby SlowMist team.

DeFi Security:

How Automatic Auditing Can Bolster DeFi Protocol Security by The Capital

From QuillAudit’s Editor’s Desk 

Top 5 Burning FAQs on Binance Smart Chain Auditing

Binance is the stellar product of the BSC, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges; according to Dr. Craig Wright, “Binance is the owner and controller of the system. The fact it is run on many servers means that it is distributed and not decentralized.”  

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